Tyrannosaurus stood horizontally, using its back legs for running. Its forelimbs were very small compared to the massive body. The length of its arms are the same as an adult human's arm. It had 2 clawed fingers and the use is not completely sure. Its head alone was 5 feet long, and it had about 60 teeth, and some were over 7 inches in length. It had a very powerful smell nerve, and could smell food better than most vultures do today. Its brain was about 5 inches in length. It was shaped like a crocodile's brain. It had large, powerful legs with 3 large claws at the end of its toes. It also had a smaller dew-like claw that was on the back of the foot. It belonged to the same family as Velociraptor, Allosaurus, and Carnotaurus. Some scientists think that it might have been covered with bird-like feathers for warmth or display.

Order: Dinosaur- Saurischian- Theropod- Tyrannosaurus

Pronounciation: (tie-ran-no-sore-us)

Name means: "tyrant lizard"

Length: 36 feet

Height: 18 feet


Tyrannosaurus rex chases after a Saurolophus


A Tyrannosaurus rex