Triceratops was a ceratopsian dinosaur. It had three horns on its head, as its name suggests. Two large ones were above the eyes, and one shorter one was above its nose. It had a large, protective frill on its neck, and a very sharp, parrot-like beak. It was about 10 feet tall, and 29 feet long. It may have resembled that of a rhinoceros. The frill was most likely used for multiple purposes. One of the reasons could be for display, with a flash of color for mating. It could also have been used for protection against the sharp teeth and claws of the larger theropod dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex and Spinosaurus. It was a member of the ceratopsian family within the larger grouping of dinosaurs known as the Marginocephalians. It was the largest in this group. It walked on all fours, and never reared up on its hind legs for any purpose. It was an herbivore, but if messed with, could be a living tank with large horns coming at you. It is one of the most popular of all the dinosaurs, but it might be a younger version of a Torosaurus, a ceratopsian with holes in its frill to keep its skull light. Triceratops had the largest skull of any land animal to have ever lived.

Order: Dinosaur- Ornithischian- Marginocephalian- Triceratops

Pronounciation: (try-ser-ah-tops)

Name means: "three-horned face"

Length: 26 feet

Height: 9 feet