Styracosaurus was a member of the Marginocephalian family of Ornithischian dinosaurs. It was similar to Triceratops, but had one horn instead of three. It also had 6 spikes on its frill. It is known as the "spike lizard" becaudse of all of the spikes on its head. It probably resembled a rhinoceros with its one long nose horn. The purpse of the spikes on the frill are uncertain, but they may have been used for mating display. It was an herbivore that used its beak to chop up tough plant material.

Order: Dinosaur- Ornithischian- Marginocephalian- Styracosaurus

Pronounciation: (sty-rack-oh-sore-us)

Name means: "spike lizard"

Length: 18 feet

Height: 9 feet