Struthiomimus was a member of the theropod group of saurischain dinosaurs. It had a long neck, and was able to run at top speeds of about 50 mph. It resembled an ostrich, but had a long tail for balance while running. It is within the smaller family of ornithomimosaurs, or "bird imitators". It had no armor, but relied on its speed and agility to flee from predators like Tyrannosaurus rex which chased them.

Order: Dinosaur- Saurischian- Theropod- Struthiomimus

Pronounciation: (stroo-thee-oh-my-mus)

Name means: "ostrich mimic"

Length: 14 feet

Height: 5 feet

P96maiasaurus copy

A baby Struthiomimus hatches from its egg