Protoceratops was a member of the marginocephalian group of ornithischian dinosaurs. It was similar to Triceratops, except it had no horns, and it was much smaller. It had a protective frill and a sharp beak. It is also known as the "prehistoric sheep". A well-preserved fossil of Protoceratops was found locked in mortal combat with the theropod dinosaur Deinonychus. The claw of the theropod was within the belly of this dinosaur, while it clamped down on the arm of the attacker. A sandstorm must have stopped this struggle, and they both died together.

Order: Dinosaur- Ornithischian- Marginocephalian- Protoceratops

Pronounciation: (pro-toe-ser-ah-tops)

Name means: "first horned face"

Length: 6 feet

Height: 2 feet