Parasaurolophus had a long crest coming from the back of its skull. It was an herbivore that browsed on all-fours, but could also rear up to flee from predators. It was a member of the ornithopod group of dinosaurs, within the larger ornithischian family. The purpose of the crest is unknown, but some believe that it could make loud sounds to warn other members of danger. There were other dinosaurs similar to Parasaurolophus that included Corythosaurus, Lambeosaurus, and Hypacrosaurus. It was similar in size to large theropod dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex, and they were favorite meals to these predators.

Order: Dinosaur- Ornithischian- Ornithopod- Parasaurolophus

Pronounciation: (pear-ah-sore-ow-lah-fuss)

Name means: "near ​crested lizard"

Length: 36 feet

Height: 16 feet

P56saurolophus heads

A Parasaurolophus alongside a Saurolophus


Parasaurolphus skull