Deinonychus was a member of the theropod group of saurischian dinosaurs. It had a large killer claw on each foot. The claw got to be about 6 inches in length. It is thought that this dinosaur was covered in feathers. It had a long, stiff tail for balance when running. It is related to the great Tyrannosaurus rex within the theropod group. It could hunt in packs to bring down much larger prey, like Tenontosaurus, or even Parasaurolophus. Its head was large for its body, and its teeth were pointed backward to hold food within the mouth.

Order: Dinosaur- Saurischian- Theropod- Deinonychus

Pronounciation: (dye-non-ike-kus) 

Name means: "terrible claw"

Length: 11 feet

Height: 6 feet

P85veloceraptor claw copy

A Deinonychus skeletal foot with large toe claw


A Deinonychus with feathers

P73variraptors telmatosaurus

Two Deinonychus attack a Tenontosaurus


A Deinonychus without feathers