Archaeopteryx was a member of the theropod family of saurischian dinosaurs. It was almost completely covered in feathers. It couldn't fully fly, but could glide from limb to limb, much like the flying squirrel does today. Some scientists call this dinosaur the "missing link" between small theropod dinosaurs and birds. A full skeleton of Archaeopteryx was discovered in Germany, and the impressions of feathers on the arms and legs made scientists rethink having scales on all of the dinosaurs. Deinonychus is now thought to have been covered in feathers for display or warmth as well.

Order: Dinosaur- Saurischian- Theropod- Archaeopteryx

Pronounciation: (are-kay-op-tear-ex)

Name means: "ancient wing"

Length: 2 feet

Height: 1 foot


An Archaeopteryx perches on a branch