Ankylosaurus was a member of the thyreophoran dinosaurs within the larger ornithischian group. It walked on all-fours, and was low to the ground. Its head was quite protected; even its eyelids were armored. Its entire back was covered with sharp spikes, like on CarnotaurusIt also had a hard, bony club on its tail that it could use to swing at attackers. If the club hit the leg of a large predatory dinosaur, like Tyrannosaurus rex it could cause a fatal injury on the opponent. The only part of this dinosaur that was unprotected was its underbelly.

Order: Dinosaur- Ornithischian- Thyreophora- Ankylosaurus

Pronounciation: (an-kie-low-sore-us)

Name means: "fused lizard"

Length: 35 feet

Height: 6 feet


Related to Ankylosaurus, Scelidosaurus also had armor, but no tail club